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Ebro Nature Trail (GR-99)

G-99 section Móra d´Ebre-Benifallet. After departing Mora d’Ebre (25m) from the road that goes through the bridge arcade turning right, take the path of Sénies, which stretches underneath, the N-420 bridge. Continue south, and after following the Sec riverbank, among farmhouses and waterwheels on both sides, make two 90 degree turns to reach Benissanet (5km; 1 hour). Depart in direction towards Miravet on the T-324, by a plaza with a crossing. Before reaching this village you will reach Raval dels Canterers (Potters). In it, after a slight curve through the urban road, take a road to the left that leads to the fields, and following along the new part, you can reach the bank of the river in the Arenal plaza, in the historic centre of Miravet (10 km; 2 hours 10 min).


To leave Miravet you need to walk from the riverbank esplanade up the street of Forn to the church square. Next to it, an alley next to the parish church leads to the Sanaqueta view point, although the nature trail leaves towards the SW direction, on a cobblestone street that begins a steep path downwards. After descending down the Costera de Riago and a few metres of flat ground, you reach a crossing presided by an old carob tree, called Garrofer de l’Onso, where a path, to the right, leads up to the castle. Further ahead, the road becomes a trail and leads up to a crossing. To the left it leads through cultivated fields and comes close to a promontory near the river. With excellent views over the river you go down and reach a farm gate, which is always open as it is a public road (13.3 km; 3 hours).


Within the farm, the path from Miravet to Benifallet is a managed road. Just a small 400 metre segment must be followed through a trail up the hill, rising to a pass to then descend among mandarin trees to the bank of the Ebro. At the end of the farm, where the river hugs the craggy bank, the trail becomes a path and tackles the Pas de Barrufemes or Roca Folletera (15.7 km; 3h 35 min).


In this sheer rock wall that plunges vertically into the Ebro, the road opens up along the bank, under a leafy grove. Poplars, willows and reeds accompany the path until it fades into the trail leading in to the first fields of the Benifallet orchard (17 km; 4 hours). Walk among the orange groves, through this narrow strip of land that the Ebro allows along its side. Cross the ravine of Les Murtes and pavement becomes asphalt to rise higher. After a crossing with good panoramic views of Benifallet and taking the road to the right, the route turns into the shoulder of the C-12 next to the Llaguter bridge. Crossing it and advancing towards the south, you access Benifallet (15 m; 23.1 km; 5 hours 15 min.)


INFO GR-99 Móra d´Ebre-Benifallet

time 5hrs 15 min

severity of naturalsurroundings 1/5

time invertd route 5 hrs 20 min

orientation in the itinerary 2/5

slope upward gradient 215 m

difficulty in the itinerary 2/5

slope downward gradient  225 m

effort required 3/5

horizontal distance 23,1 km


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