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Spa & Wellness

Spa & Wellness
Spa & Wellness

MONRURAL has its own thermal waters and relaxation area. The Spa area is under a transparent crystal cover where you can take relaxing baths as well as enjoy toning massages.

Enjoy the pleasure of immersing yourself in the MONRURAL-AQUA CENTER. Enjoy the pleasure of muscle toning and feeling how time slows down.

MONRURAL- AQUA CENTER is the jewel in the crown of MONRURAL. This is the only Spa in the region with extensive facilities and a wide range of quality equipment.

MONRURAL ľ AQUA CENTER is equipped with:

            -          Heated leisure pool

o   Jets

o   Hot tub

o   Hydromassage

Properties: eases muscle tension and activates circulation.


-          2 Contrast Showers

Bithermal showers.


-          Wet Sauna

Properties: cleanses and allows skin to breathe. Dilates capillaries, veins and lymph vessels. Increases blood circulation.


-          Dry Sauna

Properties: Improves circulation, destroys toxins and relaxes muscle mass.


-          Foot bath

Contrasting cold and hot water whilst walking.

Properties: activates blood circulation.


-          2 Thermal beds

They provide relaxation and wellness, ideal for combining with other Spa therapies.


-          Massage and therapy area


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Plaša Espa˝a 3

From Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00-14:00 h.
Tel: 977 40 75 81

N 41║03'29.51''
E 0║37'45.47''
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